Professional Filming

Powerful for all types of Filming

Whether you're in the market for a music video, a promotional clip, a wedding video, or a short film, OJE Studios has you covered with a top-notch arsenal of equipment. With a substantial investment, we boast a diverse selection of Cine lenses, stabilizers, monitors, and lighting gear to add that WOW factor to your next production.

Our primary cine camera is the professional Z Cam E2-F6, rigged up to capture stunning 6k footage at 60fps and 4k footage at an impressive 120fps.

Professional Portaits

Crystal Clear Capture

Equipped with professional camera setups that include features like backflash, extended body rig, and low-aperture lenses, our Canon cameras deliver exceptional image quality. They excel in capturing stunning shots in both low-light conditions and broad daylight, ensuring consistently impressive results.

Our Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D cameras are complemented with a wide array of lenses, ranging from 16mm to 300mm. Rest assured, they offer versatility and reliability that won't disappoint.

An Unbelievable Home Studio


You can't have OJE Studios without an fully-equipped music studio, right? Our Deluxe studio boasts a multiple-monitor setup with a high-spec PC and multipe top-notch RØDE microphones. Plus, we've got a bunch of instruments and VSTs on hand, so your creativity knows no bounds!