The Team

Operations and Management

Omar James He/Him

Company Director

Omar James is the founder of OJE Studios. As the companies director, he manages the Music Production, Cinematography and Photography sectors of the business.

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Karim Wahdan He/Him

Business and Finance Manager

Karim is our business and finance manager, who manages our financial income and grants/fundraising for projects, with part-management of the company.

Film & Photo Production Crew

Kylee Turner She/Her

Film Production Crew Personnel

Kylee is one of our film crew members, with top-level experience within the industry and a creative mindset.

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Rowan Brady She/Her

Film Production Crew Personnel

Rowan is one of our film crew members. With an eye for detail, Rowan can capture the little things no one can.

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Ruby McBeth She/Her

Jr. Photographer

Ruby is our Junior Photographer, capturing stunning shots for our clients, impressing every single on of them.

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